The cannabis industry is expected to grow at a rate of 21% per year between now and 2021. Futhermore, as additional legislation is approved for medicinal and recreational use, the market is projected  to grow and continue to thrive.

The Cannabis Incubator prepares our future industry leaders through education, opportunity, and funding. Through TCI, Donnie creates business opportunities for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs to create business plans, connect with industry leaders, and prepare individuals for the cannabis market.

The selected TCI participants will have the opportunity to develop a team to perform in a weekend-long competition toward capital funding for their business idea. They will spend two days developing, building, and shopping their idea to those within the industry. The last day will be spent developing and pitching their industry idea to Donnie Burton & Lawrence Lemons. One winner will be chosen from each TCI Experience. 

Each winner will receive the following:

  • Capital Funding

  • Internship with Donnie Burton

  • Marketing Package w/Cleveland- Based Advertising Agency

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